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Business Wire

BucksApp, a Miami-based Fintech Focused on Students, Has Launched; Fast, Safe and Easy to Use... The new mobile application is exclusive for university students; BucksApp provides cash advances to students and helps them build their credit; the start-up has raised $2M from investors.

What we offer

Our advances

Flexibility is key! We understand how busy you are during your semester.
Therefore, we give you these options so you can pay your own way.
We give every student three choices when it comes to the advances:


Get an advance of $50, $100, $150 or up to $200

$50, $100, $150 or $200


Reapy in up to 4 installments

Repayment - Up to 4 payments

Frequency of payments

Pay in your time, bi-weekly of monthly

Bi-weekly or monthly

Our fees

We have low fees and are 100% transparent, you know exactly when and how much you will pay back before you click submit!

Credit Score

Do you want to build your credit while studying?
We got you.

We work with Equifax for our data reporting and with Experian for our data verification. Pay on time and start building your credit score!


We are live! Click on the icon below to download our application

Application process

The application can be done only from the app and takes less than 5 minutes. All we need is:

Full Name, Address, Date of Birth

This gives us a general idea of who you are.

Social Security Number

We need this to validate your identity and to help you improve your credit score.

University email and photo of your university ID

This validates that you are a current university student.

Link your bank account

Which we will use to deposit the money to you and to debit automatically according to the plan you chose.

How it works

Our Solution

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About us

Our Story

This solution is not only for university students, but the idea also came from one. Sebastian is a bachelor’s degree graduate from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. During his four-year undergraduate program there, he faced financial stress numerous times. He quickly realized it was not only him that had this problem, but his friends and classmates that surrounded him. The effects from these shortages of money, no matter at what point in the semester it occurred, almost always caused negative outcomes. These ranged from limiting their social experience, like going out to a bar with friends, to affecting their diets! This observation was truly what pushed Sebastian to start BucksApp, and help as many students as possible.


We want to relieve university students of financial stress throughout the United States


We aim to be the most popular financial solution for students

The team

Who are we?

Sebastian, CEO of Bucksapp

Sebastian - CEO

Percy, President of Bucksapp

Percy - President

Rossana, CTO of Bucksapp

Rossana - CTO

Lorena, CFO of Bucksapp

Lorena - CFO

Jesus, Software atchitect at Bucksapp

Jesus - Software Architect

Miguel, Web & Mobile Developer at Bucksapp

Miguel - Web & Mobile Developer

Maria, Operations Manager at Bucksapp

Maria - Operations Manager

Contact Us

2222 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Miami, FL 33134, United States


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